Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Looking for Green Lantern in the NFL

I was bored right after my Steelers lost tonight, so I IMed Kalinara...

Sinspired (11:48:09 PM): Maybe if they put Steve Trevor on the team you'd watch?
Kalinara (11:48:22 PM): Nah
Kalinara (11:48:27 PM): Guy Gardner though
Sinspired (11:48:49 PM): Damn, I don't think they have anybody named Gardner...
Sinspired (11:49:21 PM): The punter is Gardocki, close enough?
Kalinara (11:49:34 PM): Possibly
Sinspired (11:49:53 PM): There's a Gilbert Gardner on the Colts.
Kalinara (11:50:03 PM): Is he redhaired?
Sinspired (11:50:45 PM): He's black. Maybe we can ask him to dye it...
Kalinara (11:51:12 PM): Hmm. Maybe.
Kalinara (11:51:14 PM):
Sinspired (11:51:16 PM): Rod Gardner plays for the Chiefs, and Barry Gardner plays for the Patriots.
Kalinara (11:51:35 PM): They're football players right?
Sinspired (11:51:39 PM): None of them are white, let alone red-haired
Kalinara (11:51:43 PM): Or am I getting my sports teams mixed?
Sinspired (11:51:49 PM): Yup
Sinspired (11:51:59 PM): There's a Dave Rayner on the Green Bay Packers...
Sinspired (11:52:07 PM): Hrrm... That's a bit suggestive
Kalinara (11:52:11 PM): Heheh
Kalinara (11:52:20 PM): See I can't watch football
Kalinara (11:52:27 PM): Because I think it's rugby for wusses
Kalinara (11:52:35 PM): Ditch the armor, then we'll talk
Sinspired (11:52:40 PM): The Jordans are LaMont and Leander
Sinspired (11:52:46 PM): It's like controlled war.
Sinspired (11:52:52 PM): I like controlled war.
Sinspired (11:52:57 PM): Less people get killed.
Sinspired (11:53:42 PM): David Stewart, Tennesee, Matt Stewart Cleveland, and Tony Stewart on the Bengals
Sinspired (11:54:06 PM): I think we're best off with Gardocki.