Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Daredevil in Paradise

Daredevil: Out - Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev
Daredevil: The Widow - Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev
Daredevil: Decalogue - Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

I have to admit - I crush on Daredevil. He's the kind of guy designed to keep breaking my heart.

Hotter than Kyle Rayner, even, especially when Certified Ninja Artist, Alex Maleev, draws him.

Why do I dub him "Ninja Artist"?

If you don't know what I mean, you haven't read Decalogue. This is a shame, as it implies that you have also missed the rest of Brian Michael Bendis writing Daredevil.

Presuming you're up to date and haven't read it yet, go out, right now. Buy it. Read it. I'll wait.

When you're done, you should pick it up and read it again. This time pay attention to the background characters in the beginning.

Behold!!! Ninja Art.

Gotta love it. It's so sad that I would love it much more, would there be more room for strong women in the Daredevil mystique.

You'd think he has strong women. He's known for dating women who can destroy him, using one method or another, but, well, Foggy says it directly in Daredevil: Out.

You'll meet a nice girl who isn't, you know, nuts...

Take Black Widow, for instance. In Daredevil: The Widow, Natasha uses Matt. She hides with him in plain sight, to take heat off of her, and deal with a problem she can take care of pretty easily by herself.

His wife, blind Milla, the insecure, who leaves him when the going is toughest because she finds out that his last love was killed right before he went off the deep end.

This is not to mention that said love, Karen, was killed in his arms, long after she had been a junkie who sold him out years before.

And, please, please, PLEASE do not let me get started on Elektra.

There is nearly a metric TON of feminine victims. Other than Natasha, they never get their own shots in. They bicker amongst each other and call in the calvary.

I'm not being fair, though. Let's go back to Daredevil: Out. Here we have Vanessa Fisk taking charge, clearing her husband's affairs, and taking revenge for him... Mostly in the background, using the power built by her husband.

We have Natasha coming in to try and save Matt from his own dark mood... By calling up Elektra, and lying to her. We have Elektra herself, who breaks him out of it, despite herself, with a great line...

The only death that you can take responsibility for is one that you
commit with your own hand.

Of this set, Decalogue is my favorite. Just people sitting in a room. Monologues from different characters we've never noticed or seen before. A little story that leaves you with no doubt about our hero's intentions, and gives you just that little glimpse into his personal torture.

Daredevil: Out - 5.5 Goddesses
Daredevil: The Widow - 5 Goddesses
Daredevil: Decalogue - 6 Goddesses
Average - 5.5 Goddesses

You draw the Avatar: Glory, Goddess of Cruel Self-Interest from the 5th season of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. She indicates the personality required to engage Matt Murdock's interest for any amount of time.

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